Sweet Treats


*New Edition*

A6 clear stamp set comprising 19 separate stamps.

Inspiration for this set can be found here.

Measurements (all approximate): Cupcake - 20mm x 28mm, Doughnut - 22mm x 28mm, Macaroon - 20mm x 24mm, Croissant - 22mm x 30mm, Ice Cream - 22mm x 32mm, Pancakes - 20mm x 28mm, Cookie - 24mm x 24mm, Christmas Pudding - 20mm x 30mm, Waffle - 20mm x 28mm, Speech Bubbles - 8mm x 30mm, 8mm x 22mm, 'happy birthday with a cherry on top' - 26mm x 52mm, Sentiments - 8mm tall.