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Clearly Besotted

Pop Up Props

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A6 clear stamp set.

Coordinates with Pop Up Plushies, sold separately.

Inspiration for this set can be found here.

Measurements (all approximate): Window - 34mm x 48mm, Frame - 32mm x 37mm, Stitched Line - 1mm x 30mm, Teapot - 21mm x 43mm, Teapot Lid - 8mm x 18mm, Basket - 19mm x 32mm, Pumpkin - 17mm x 27mm, Pumpkin Top - 10mm x 15mm, Buttons - 8mm x 8mm, 7mm x 7mm, Plant Pot - 18mm x 23mm, Flower - 19mm x 22mm, Stocking - 28mm x 30mm, Holly - 16mm x 19mm, Gift Box - 16mm x 24mm, Gift Box Top - 12mm x 25mm, Tag - 8mm x 11mm, Teacup - 16mm x 28mm, Wall - 20mm x 57mm, Sign - 26mm x 29mm.