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Clearly Besotted

Laugh Out Loud Crafting

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A6 clear stamp set.

Measurements (all approximate): 'Life is a series of obstacles preventing me from crafting' - 12mm x 66mm, 'Crafting fills my life and also my entire house' -12mm x 58mm, 'It's not an empty nest it's a new craft studio' - 12mm x 49mm, 'Crafting fills my heart & empties my wallet' - 12mm x 50mm, 'Why buy it when you can make it for ten times the price' - 12mm x 68mm, 'Crafting is the best medicine' - 5mm x 6mm, 'Money can't buy happiness but it can buy craft supplies' - 12mm x 59mm, 'Happiness is a well stocked craft room' - 5mm x 84mm, 'Walk a mile in my shoes & you'll find yourself in a craft store' - 12mm x 68mm, 'If glitter is wrong, I don't want to be right' - 5mm x 95mm, 'The weekend forecast is 100% chance of crafting with no signs of cooking or cleaning' - 12mm x 110mm, 'I'm creative, you can't expect me to be tidy too' - 5mm x 100mm, 'I'm a procraftinator' - 5mm x 43mm, 'I'm so crafty' - 5mm x 27mm, 'Just for you' - 5mm x 27mm, 'Handmade with love' - 12mm x 22mm.