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Clearly Besotted

Laugh Out Loud Belated

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A6 clear stamp set.

Measurements (all approximate): 'I Just Remembered I Forgot Your Birthday' - 5mm x 85mm, 'I Didn't Forget, I'm Being Fashionably Late' - 5mm x 85mm, 'The Best Cards Come To Those Who Wait' - 5mm x 83mm, 'Let's Pretend This Card Arrived On Time' - 5mm x 82mm, 'Sending Belated Birthday Wishes' - 5mm x 69mm, 'Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry?' - 5mm x 66mm, 'I Didn't Forget Your Birthday I Wanted To Make It Last Longer' - 11mm x 66mm, 'Let Me Be The First To Offer You Belated Birthday Wishes' - 11mm x 60mm, 'I'm Sorry You Forgot To Remind Me It's Your Birthday' - 11mm x 59mm, 'I'm Not Late, I'm A Year Early' - 5mm x 58mm, 'I Didn't Forget, I Was Busy' - 5mm x 54mm, 'Happy Belated Birthday' - 5mm x 49mm, 'Silly Me' - 5mm x 16mm, 'Better Late Than Never' - 5mm x 48mm, 'Forgive Me For This Late Mail' - 5mm x 60mm, 'I'm So Sorry' - 11mm x 12mm, 'It Took Time To Make The Perfect Card' - 5mm x 78mm, 'Ha Ha' - 5mm x 12mm, 'Forgive Me' - 11mm x 16mm, 'Oops I Did It Again Sorry I Forgot' - 11mm x 37mm.