Laugh Out Loud


A6 clear stamp set comprising 14 separate stamps. 

Measurements (all approximate): 'Like a Jar of Pickles, You're Well Preserved!' - 5mm x 86mm, 'I'm Not Going To Make Fun of Your Age I Know How Sensitive Old People Can Be!' - 10mm x 77m, 'The Secret to Staying Young is to Lie About Your Age!' - 10mm x 54mm, 'Sorry, Not Sorry' - 5mm x 32mm, 'Joking, Not Joking' - 5mm x 36mm, 'Let Us Eat Cake' - 5mm x 29mm, 'With Age Comes Wisdom & Grace...Better Luck Next Year!' - 10mm x 65mm, 'One Year Older, None the Wiser' - 5mm x 61mm, 'Happy Birthday Thanks for Being Older Than Me' - 10mm x 63mm, 'You're Only Young Once But You Can Be Immature for a Lifetime!' - 10mm x 77mm, 'Here's a Card to Remind You You're Getting Older!' - 5mm x 96mm, 'Growing Old is Inevitable, Growing Up is Optional!' - 5mm x 96mm, 'I Don't Need Facebook to Tell Me It's Your Birthday!' - 5mm x 98mm, 'When I Reach Your Age I'll Still Be Younger Than You!' - 10mm x 58mm.