Got Your Back


A6 clear stamp set comprising 20 separate stamps.

Inspiration for this set can be found here.

Measurements (all approximate): Meerkats - 26mm x 38mm, 20mm x 42mm, 18mm x 36mm, 22mm x 36mm, 26mm x 36mm, 22mm x 38mm, 18mm x 20mm, 18mm x 20mm, Mound - 28mm x 48mm, Hill - 10mm x 36mm, Grass - 24mm x 28mm, Sold Sign - 10mm x 12mm, 'nothing compares to you' - 8mm x 8mm, 'we are family' - 8mm x 30mm, '...simples!' - 8mm x 20mm, 'i've got your back' - 8mm x 40mm, 'let's get together soon' - 8mm x 52mm, 'i'll look out for you' - 8mm x 42mm, 'new home' - 6mm x 22mm, 'from all of us' - 6mm x 30mm.