Clearly Contained


A6 clear stamp set.

Coordinates with Clearly Contained Contents stamp set, Clearly Contained Cuties stamp set and Clearly Contained Cuts stamp set, all sold separately.


Inspiration for this set can be found here.

Measurements (all approximate): Jar - 30mm x 37mm, Basket - 36mm x 39mm, Bottle - 23mm x 45mm, Pocket - 21mm x 24mm, Cloche - 30mm x 35mm, Vase - 33mm x 37mm, Bowl - 21mm x 35mm, Fish Bowl - 29mm x 38mm, Plant Pot - 24mm x 30mm, Lids - 10mm x 28mm, 14mm x 28mm, 7mm x 23mm, Labels - 10mm x 23mm, 12mm x 25mm.