Birds of a Feather


A6 clear stamp set comprising 18 separate stamps.

Inspiration for this set can be found here.

Measurements (all approximate): Flamingo - 33mm x 37mm, Stork - 31mm x 36mm, Parrot - 26mm x 33mm, Budgie - 25mm x 31mm, Toucan - 28mm x 32mm, Owl - 28mm x 30mm, Robin - 24mm x 30mm, Nest - 18mm x 31mm, Branch - 10mm x 33mm, Hibiscus - 18mm x 20mm, Leaf - 15mm x 37mm, Bird House - 24mm x 25mm, 'Owl Be There For You' - 13mm x 16mm, 'Chirp' - 3mm x 10mm, 'You Really Are The Tweetest' - 8mm x 33mm, 'Some Birdie Loves You' - 6mm x 53mm, 'Happy Bird-Day To You' - 4mm x 47mm, 'Like Birds of a Feather We Flock Together' - 10mm x 53mm.