That's Genius


A6 clear stamp set comprising 17 separate stamps.

Coordinates with That's Genius Die Collection, sold separately.


Inspiration for this set can be found here.

Measurements (all approximate): Cats - 39mm x 43mm, 29mm x 32mm, 32mm x 38mm, Dogs - 30mm x 39mm, 29mm x 33mm, Books - 26mm x 31mm, Ruler - 2mm x 12mm, Pen - 5mm x 12mm, Cap - 7mm x 16mm, Pencil - 3mm x 9mm, Apple - 7mm x 7mm, 'Thank You Teacher' - 10mm x 52mm, 'You're A Genius' - 10mm x 44mm, 'Good Luck In Your Exams - 5mm x 63mm, 'Congratulations You Passed' - 13mm x 40mm, 'Happy Graduation' - 14mm x 63mm.