Say It's Your Birthday

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A6 clear stamp set comprising 13 separate stamps.

Measurements (all approximate): 'Old Enough To Know Better Young Enough Not To Care' - 18mm x 70mm, 'At Least You're Not As Old As You Will Be Next Year!' - 14mm x 62mm, 'Forget The Past You Can't Change It Forget The Present I Didn't Get You One' - 16mm x 54mm, 'So Many Candles So Little Cake' - 10mm x 48mm, 'Age Gets Better With Wine' - 8mm x 42mm, 'LOL!' - 4mm x 8mm, 'HaHa!' - 4mmx 12mm, 'You're How Old?!' - 8mm x 46mm, 'Better Not Older' - 4mm x 36mm, 'You May Not Be Over The Hill Yet But You Have A Great View' - 18mm x 74mm, 'Smile While You Still Have Teeth' - 8mm x 80mm, 'It's Never Too Late To Be What You Want To Be Unless You Want To Be Younger' - 22mm x 80mm, 'With Age Comes Wisdom You're One Of The Wisest People I Know' - 14mm x 94mm.