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Clearly Besotted

Royal Corgi

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A6 clear stamp set.

Measurements (all approximate): Dog House - 45mm x 48mm, Corgis - 23mm x 27mm, 25mm x 27mm, 24mm x 31mm, 21mm x 27mm, 22mm x 27mm, 20mm x 30mm, 23mm x 31mm, Cushion - 9mm x 35mm, Staff - 12mm x 31mm, Umbrella - 26mm x 27mm, Police Helmet - 13mm x 16mm, Cake Stand - 23mm x 30mm, Teacups - 10mm x 13mm, Teapot - 18mm x 23mm, Crown - 10mm x 10mm, Tiara - 7mm x 9mm, Diamond - 6mm x 7mm, Ball - 6mm x 6mm, Guardsman Hat - 11mm x 14mm.