Pirate Party


A6 clear stamp set comprising 20 separate stamps.

Inspiration for this set can be found here.

Measurements (all approximate): Boy Pirate with Eye Patch - 26mm x 38mm, Girl Pirate with Eye Patch - 28mm x 38mm, Girl Pirate with Telescope - 20mm x 34mm, Girl Pirate with Sword - 20mm x 34mm, Boy Pirate with Parrot - 22mm x 35mm, Boy Pirate with Map - 18mm x 34mm, Ship - 20mm x 28mm, Barrel - 16mm x 20mm, Coins - 5mm x 8mm, Diamonds - 8mm x 12mm, Treasure Chest - 18mm x 20mm, Canon - 20mm x 20mm, Palm Tree - 26mm x 28mm, Skull & Crossbones - 6mm x 5mm, Sentiments - 10mm tall.