Laugh Out Loud Friends


A6 clear stamp set comprising 14 separate stamps.

Measurements (all approximate): 'We'll Be Friends Forever Because You Already Know Too Much' - 11mm x 78mm, 'The Only Thing Better Than A Friend Is A Friend With Chocolate & Wine' - 11mm x 76mm, 'True Friends Don't Judge Each Other They Judge Other People Together' - 11mm x 78mm, 'I Don't Know What's Tighter Our Friendship...Or Our Jeans' - 11mm x 62mm, 'Good Friends Know You Well And Like You Anyway' - 11mm x 60mm, 'Thank You For Being A Friend' - 6mm x 62mm, 'I'm So Very Glad We're Friends' - 5mm x 62mm, 'I'm Lucky To Have A Friend Like You' - 11mm x 36mm, 'Let's Laugh Together' - 5mm x 45mm, 'A Friend Is Cheaper Than Therapy' - 5mm x 70mm, 'To My BFF'- 5mm x 20mm, 'A Good Friend Will Bail You Out Of Jail A Best Friend Will Be In The Cell Next To You' - 11mm x 93mm, 'We've Been Friends For So Long I Can't Remember Which One Of Us Is The Bad Influence' - 11mm x 13mm, 'Friends Don't Let You Do Stupid Things...Alone' - 11mm x 50mm.