Laugh Out Loud Again


A6 clear stamp set.

Measurements (all approximate): 'You're Not Old, You're Retro' - 10mm x 28mm, 'Tee Hee' - 10mm x 6mm, 'As You Get Older, Your Eyesight Is The First Thing To Go' - 8mm x 40mm, 'Smile While You Still Have Teeth' - 4mm x 61mm, 'It's Wine O'Clock' - 10mm x 15mm, 'The Year To Start Lying About Your Age Has Started' - 10mm x 15mm, 'I'm Kidding' - 4mm x 19mm, 'Lol' - 4mm x 6mm, 'Wisdom Comes With Age, YOu're The Wisest Person I Know' - 10mm x 62mm, 'You're Aged To Perfection' - 4mm x 50mm, 'Old Enough To Know Better, Young Enough Not To Care' - 10mm x 54mm, 'Don't Let Aging Get You Down, It's Too Hard To Get Back Up' - 10mm x 58mm, 'Age Gets Better With Wine' - 4mm x 50mm, 'Age Is Just A Number, In Your Case A Very Big One' - 10mm x 53mm, 'We're Far Too Young To Be Such Old Friends' - 4mm x 85mm, 'Haha' - 4mm x 9mm, 'It's Not The Age But The Mileage & Condition That Counts' - 10mm x 79mm, 'You're Not Old, You've Just Been Young For A Very Long Time' - 10mm x 87mm.