Happy Birthday All

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A6 clear stamp set comprising 35 separate stamps. 

Measurements (all approximate): husband - 7mm x 31mm, brother - 7mm x 22mm, father - 9mm x 21mm, friend - 8mm x 22mm, aunty - 10mm x 22mm, daughter - 9mm x 33mm, sister - 8mm x 20mm, mother - 8mm x 24mm, son - 6mm x 12mm, wife - 8mm x 15mm, cousin - 6mm x 23mm, girlfriend - 10mm x 35mm, friend - 8mm x 21mm, boyfriend - 9mm x 35mm, in-law - 7mm x 24mm, uncle - 7mm x 18mm, grand - 9mm x 22mm, and - 7mm x 14mm, mom - 4mm x 16mm, mum - 4mm x 17mm, dad - 6mm x 15mm, boss - 8mm x 15mm, step - 9mm x 15mm, couple - 9mm x 24mm, teacher - 9mm x 27mm, daddy - 9mm x 24mm, parents - 9mm x 28mm, Small Sentiments - 3mm tall.