Drink & Be Merry


A6 clear stamp set comprising 24 separate stamps.

Inspiration for this set can be found here.

Measurements (all approximate): Drinks - 23mm x 40mm, 26mm x 37mm, 27mm x 35mm, 24mm x 35mm, 20mm x 46mm, 24mm x 37mm, 26mm x 38mm, 23mm x 38mm, Star Stirrer - 11mm x 33mm, Bubbles - 5mm x 8mm, Berry - 3mm x 3mm, Snowflake - 13mm x 13mm, 'It's Beginning To Look Like' - 6mm x 22mm, 'Prosec-ho-ho-ho' - 5mm x 3mm, 'Jingle Bells Gin-gle All The Way' - 10mm x 17mm, 'East, Drink & Be Merry' - 6mm x 38mm, ''Tis The Season To Be Tipsy' - 3mm x 46mm, 'Time For Some Holiday Spirit' - 8mm x 51mm, 'Christmas Spirit' - 5mm x 33mm, 'Mistletoe & (A Lot Of) Wine' - 6mm x 55mm, 'Fa La La La Hic' - 5mm x 25mm, Small Sentiments - 3mm tall.