A6 clear stamp set comprising 17 separate stamps.

Coordinates with Bookworm Die Collection, sold separately.

Inspiration for this set can be found here.

Measurements (all approximate):  Large Bookworms - 32mm x 40mm, Small Bookworm - 22mm x 34mm, Book Shelf - 46mm x 72mm, Apple - 14mm x 14mm, Diploma - 8mm x 15mm, 'A+' - 2mm x 5mm, 'A-Z' - 2mm x 8mm, 'ABC' - 2mm x 8mm, 'This book belongs to' - 2mm x 35mm, 'Today a reader tomorrow a leader' - 10mm x 60mm, ' Get lost in a good book' - 10mm x 46mm, 'I like big books and I cannot lie' - 14mm x 46mm, 'Think before you speak read before you think' - 10mm x 60mm, 'read, eat, that order' - 14mm x 45mm, 'It's cool to be clever' - 12mm x 26mm, 'Sleep is good but books are better' - 10mm x 60mm.