As Cute As Can Be


A6 clear stamp set comprising 23 separate stamps.

Inspiration for this set can be found here.

Measurements (all approximate): Sitting Dog - 16mm x 17mm, Sitting Bunny - 14mm x 20mm, Sitting Chick - 13mm x 20mm, Sitting Cat - 16mm x 19mm, Standing Dog - 16mm x 19mm, Standing Bunny - 14mm x 21mm, Standing Cat - 17mm x 20mm, Standing Chick - 13mm x 21mm, Egg - 25mm x 30mm, Star - 30mm x 30mm, Heart - 29mm x 29mm, Pumpkin - 33mm x 35mm, Tree - 28mm x 43mm, Cake - 36mm x 47mm, Present - 26mm x 31mm, Cupcake - 24mm x 29mm. Small Gift - 14mm x 14mm, Small Tree - 16mm x 19mm, Cap - 10mm x 18mm, Small Egg - 12mm x 14mm, Broomstick - 7mm x 14mm, Witches Hat - 14mm x 17mm, Flower - 10mm x 10mm.